USB Locker!
Portable Drives Protection

USB Locker Protect your important file in USB Drive or any other
External Drives...
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USB Safe!
Portable Data Security...

USB Safe offers unbreakable Protection for your USB Drives;
Lock and Encrypt.
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SO Delete History!
Speed Up Your Personal Computer...

So Delete History delete all temporary windows files & internet files
from browsers.
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USB Locker
External Data Protection...
  • Fast Protection
  • Easy to Lock
  • Defeat Penetration
$ 24.95
$ 19.95
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USB Safe
Portable Data Security...
  • Lock & Encrypt Files
  • Easy to Secure Data
  • Defeat Penetration
$ 29.95
$ 24.95
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SO Delete History
Delete Computer History...
  • Delete Windows History
  • Delete Browser History
  • Delete Application History
  • Support Common browsers
  • Speed up your computer

Whats New?
USB Safe 1.1.5 Version Update! This update of USB Safe comes with some bugs fixing and fast locking to ensure ease of USE... Download Now ╗
USB Locker 1.1.6 Version Update! This update of USB Locker comes with an added layer of protection and some fixes in registration... Download Now ╗